Master's in Instruction and Leadership

Tuition Discount Available for New Post-Bacc. Alumni!

Post-Bacc. alumni from New Hampshire will receive a tuition discount when they enroll in our M.S. in Instruction and Leadership degree. This discount applies to newly enrolled students as of our 2018 Fall Term.

Receive a reduced cost-per-credit of just $415 for all courses taken through the 2019 Spring Term (6/28/2019). This tuition discount, along with the credit-efficient Instruction and Leadership program, can help you earn a master's degree in four courses for less than $5,000.

Request Info

When you request information, we will:

  • Make you eligible for the discount
  • Provide a copy of our School of Education Viewbook, which provides an overview of all of our programs, including Instruction and Leadership.

*Must be a legal New Hampshire resident.