Use our comparison guide, M.S. Undecided, to learn about the differences between our graduate programs.

It is common for graduate students to arrive at Granite State knowing that they want a master's degree, but remain uncertain of their specific program of study.

Many hallmarks of Leadership are relevant in Project Management, so it's easy to envision yourself being successful in either program.

To help you select a program, you need in depth information that will help you weigh your options. Fill out the form and download our guide, M.S. Undecided, to help you kick-off the process. 

Topics include:
  • Key differentiators of each program
    • M.S. Project Management
    • M.S. Leadership
    • M.S. Management
    • M.S. Health Care Management
    • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Where to start
  • Resources
  • Support material